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Reports To

This position will report to the Drill Room Supervisor


Job Overview

Operating CNC machinery to produce production parts


Responsibilities and Duties

· Set up of tooling and program for specific jobs to be run.

· Adjust program as needed to meet drawing specifications.

· Operate CNC machinery.

· Follow technical instructions, interpret drawings and manufacturing procedures.

· Perform inspections on completed parts.

· Perform secondary operations as required by the job packet.

· Operate a variety of drilling and tapping machinery.

· Keep a clean and well-maintained workspace.

· Support department supervisor in meeting production goals



· High School diploma or equivalent.

· Completion of CNC courses or in house training.

· Good communication skills.

· Good hand-eye coordination.

· Ability to use machinery.

· Ability to use measuring equipment.

· Ability to stand or sit for extend periods of time.

· Ability to lift up to 20 pounds.

· Willingness to work in a team environment.


Note: Linemaster Switch Corporation is an ISO certified company. All employees must have a basic knowledge of ISO principals.


FLSA Status: Non-Exempt


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