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If you have a question about custom switches,
please use the form below and include your part number.

    Customization Options

    With this option, the O.E.M. can order foot switches with a nameplate which is identical to our standard nameplate except the customer name and address would replace the LINEMASTER® name and address. All other information would remain the same.



    Special nameplates and custom WARNING labels are available to the O.E.M. as part of a special foot switch assembly or as separate items.



    In most applications that required a foot operated switch, our customers have found that one of our standard basic models have met their needs. In those special design applications that require a special foot control with gold alloy contacts, we can offer the O.E.M. a basic snap switch with SPDT gold alloy contacts rated 1 Amp 125 VAC in most of our foot switch housings. The use of this basic gold alloy snap switch, would delete all agency approvals where noted. Before a decision is made to specify gold alloy contacts, we would suggest that a standard foot switch model be evaluated in the particular application.



    Many of our basic foot switch models can be mounted in combinations to provide multi function foot controls. Several of the more commonly required dual models are offered as standard twin units and are shown in the catalog and listed in the price sheet. Other multi pedal com binations are available to the O.E.M. on special order, in production quantities. Please refer to the back cover of the catalog for some representative examples. Up to eight DPDT functions can be incorporated in a single assembly.



    Custom cordsets are available to the O.E.M. as part of a complete foot switch assembly or as separate items. LINEMASTER® is a UL Recognized and CSA Certified source for Wiring Harnesses and Processed Wire.



    All LINEMASTER foot switches are UL Listed, CSA Certified or UL Recognized Components. Under UL and CSA Multiple Listing Programs, it is possible for the O.E.M. to include the UL or CSA insignias on their own nameplate. Please contact the factory for details.



    Many of our foot switches are or, with modifications, can be CE Marked to meet the EC Low Voltage Directive. We are working with Underwriters Laboratories, TUV Product Service and TUV ESSEN to meet the needs of our customers requiring CE Marking to specific EN standards. Our foot switches are considered general use devices and see a wide variety of end uses. To this end we have an on-going long term project with UL to investigate our entire product line to various EN Standards.
    It should be noted; a foot switch that is to be attached to a finished product by the Original Equipment Manufacturer need not be CE Marked. According to the U.S. Department of Commerce, we can ship our foot switches to the European Community provided the following declaration is made on the shipping documents: “These components are intended exclusively for an industrial assembly operation for incorporation in apparatus.”



    Many of our foot switches are used on a wide variety of medical device products. The FDA considers the foot switch to be a component and not an accessory when used with the manufacturer’s finished medical device.



    Underwriters Laboratories
    UL (Underwriters Laboratories, Inc.): Standards agency and testing laboratory for the United States. UL also has some limited involvement in international certifications.



    RoHS – Restriction of Hazardous Substances



    WEEE – Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment



    LINEMASTER products do not require Safety Data Sheets.



    In addition to the familiar NEMA, UL and CSA enclosure types, LINEMASTER offers a variety of standard foot switches that meet IEC 529, Type IP68 and/or IEC 60601-2-2, Section 44, Subparagraph aa requirements for protection against access to and the entrance of foreign objects and water to the electrical switching elements and connections. This is accomplished by either sealing the enclosure or the switching element itself.



    Illustrated above are a few of the special foot switches that LINEMASTER has manufactured to meet the specific needs of Original Equipment Manufacturers (O.E.M.). Special variations are only available to the O.E.M. in production quantities. Special foot switches are made to the O.E.M.’s specifications, and orders for specials are accepted on a direct basis only. Any modification to a standard catalog item, however slight, i.e. minus the nameplate, would be considered a special.
    We offer custom cable services so that we can provide a complete foot control assembly to the O.E.M.’s specifications. Special paint finishes, nameplates, mounting provisions and packaging are some of the options available to the O.E.M. Let LINEMASTER® use its years of foot switch experience to design a pedal that is right for you. Doing so could save you a lot of time and help you avoid any costly design pitfalls.
    If an O.E.M. REPLACEMENT FOOT CONTROL assembly is required for a particular piece of equipment, we suggest that direct contact be made with the O.E.M., as all specials are made on a proprietary basis.